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Negative Effects Of Non-Mobile Friendly websites

Negative Effects Of Non-Mobile Friendly websites

More than 50% of all internet users are coming from there phone nowadays, so it’s a very good idea to optimize your website for them. Not only that, but Google seems to recognize the importance of such websites and that’s why you should immediately consider optimizing or even changing your site to become mobile friendly. It’s a great way to boost your SEO and take the exposure to the next level!

When you want to get in front of as many people as possible, the best idea is to always have a desktop as well as mobile-optimized site. Things like these can be outstanding, and they can offer you a huge range of options because of that reason alone. That being said, you will have to keep in mind that Google and other search engines are always trying to eliminate the hassle of each customer by making ranking simpler.

So, if you do have a mobile-friendly site, you will rank well. If you don’t, then your rank will get lower and lower to the point where you won’t have a lot of people visiting your suite anyway.

Why did Google change its algorithm recently?

Yes, Google changed its algorithm recently, and it all has to do with mobile friendliness. Simply put, the company has been downplaying some of the changes, but it’s safe to say that they launched a new crawler and dedicated mobile listings a well.

Why does this matter? Because no one wants to spend their time finding a site manually. So, finding a good and creative way to take things to the next level is certainly a priority, and you want to focus on doing this the right way. Following the Google guidelines for ranking is a good idea here.

What happens if you don’t follow these things? Obviously, you will have a lower and lower rank. Which is pretty bad, since in the end you can deal with a plethora of problems, and those are things that you want to avoid the best way you can.

Plus, the lack of a responsive design makes your site feel less professional. Yes, that is a huge problem and one of the most challenging things that you can have at this particular time. Without a good responsive design, you won’t offer a good set of visuals to your site, and in the end, people may believe that you are not a professional. Which is not the case, but if you can’t show that, then people will obviously avoid believing you in the first place.

Will the lack of mobile-friendliness impact desktop ranking?

No, that’s definitely off the table. You will be fine if you keep a focus on your desktop users. But modern users are complex; they end up using both platforms with great success. So, in some way, this can still affect them, which is obviously one of those things that you want to stay away from. The thing to consider here is that a lack of mobile-friendliness can indeed have a huge impact on how you treat your customers.

Sure, it may not have an impact on desktop ranking, but it lowers the overall importance of your business, and that is obviously the type of thing that you want to avoid. Plus, this will also make deep linking obsolete, and it will force you to find some new and creative ways to take things to the next level.

Can this affect the bounce rates and click back rates?

Usually, when a customer studies your website and sees that you don’t offer a mobile version, he will just go away. But there are some people that are willing to come back at one point. The issue is that there will always be some problems to deal with and in the end that can be a truly challenging thing to have all the time. A high bounce range is not going to be ok for you at all. But these appear if you don’t offer customers the right type of value and support.

Lower usability

If your site is not mobile friendly, then the usability is also lowered. Obviously, something like this has to be avoided. You always want to boost usability in any way you want, and you have to focus on finding the best possible results on the market. That being said, a good usability is extremely interesting, and it can provide you with the best outcome. But without a good set of mobile features, your website will not be usable, and customers will just want to find an alternative. Yes, that can be very problematic, and in the end, it’s a certainty.

It doesn’t look good

People also care about visuals, and yes, the lack of a mobile interface can hurt a website as well. This is why you have to know how to handle and tackle all these things the best way you can. It’s going to be quite the trouble, and the worst part in all of this is that once you opt for a bad design, your mobile site will have less traffic and so on. Let’s face it, no one wants to see their investment be a bad one, and that’s exactly why the lack of a good mobile version can be a true problem for most of us.

The page speed is affected

By optimizing your site for mobile, you will make sure that you get the ultimate website speed. And yes, website speed is extremely important for ranking as a whole, even if it can end up being a bit problematic most of the time. There’s also the fact that you can optimize your site at any time, and the overall results will be extremely great this way. You can defer the loading of JavaScript until that is needed, you can use the PageSpeed insights to identify the loading issues, and you can also make your pages render in just a single second or less.

Videos will be a lot harder to play

Mobile friendly websites tend to play videos on the spot. This can enhance the user experience, but the true problem here is that some videos will not play at all. That’s the reason why you need to offer your customers a way to watch videos naturally and with great success. The lack of mobile-friendliness can be the nail in the coffin for a feature like this. So yes, it’s extremely important for your site to deliver mobile friendliness.

No more SEO boosting

A thing to keep in mind about mobile friendly sites is that they can deliver a huge benefit when it comes to SEO. Boosting your website and taking it to the next level is a very good idea, and using it adequately can be very helpful for sure. That being said, there are tons of opportunities to explore here and the fact that you have so many nice ideas is always going to help you a lot.

It’s hard to create a winning strategy

The lack of mobile-friendliness will also make it very hard for you to create a winning strategy. In fact, customers will see it a lot harder than ever before to create a strategy which works and which can indeed bring you a good set of ideas in no time. The thing to remember in this situation is that its all about value and quality. You have to study all the potential benefits and identify what works and what doesn’t. As long as you have a good winning strategy, results can be outstanding, and they will impress you a lot. But you have to know how to tackle the situation and use a good winning strategy to your advantage.

How can you test the mobile-friendliness offered by your website?

As we mentioned above, it’s crucial to identify whether your site is mobile friendly or not. Thankfully, the entire process is designed to be very simple and easy to use, which is what matters the most in the end. However, if you visit, you will find a great tool that can come in handy.

With help from this tool, you can see if the site is mobile friendly or not and it can indeed bring you a very distinct and fun user experience in no time. The best part about using such a website is that you get to have a report right away. That report is here to bring you all the info you want in no time, and in the end, it can bring in front a huge set of options and ideas.

So, mobile friendliness is a huge deal for SEO, but it also dictates the way you work with your mobile users. If you want them to have a very good user experience, all you have to do is to check that out, and the results can be more than ok in the end. We recommend you to use these amazing ideas because they are indeed going to be worth it. Study the potential repercussions and remember, investing in mobile friendliness is the future and it will indeed be worth it in the long run!


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